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Radical Architecture

Radicalism comes from a crisis where you can turn the crisis into opportunity. A slow pace event or a still situation doesn’t need a radical step. For example, a war is a crisis. Is globalization a crisis? Is it a cause of placenessless of architecture? What is the cause of lack of identification in architecture? Selfishness of the architect? Industrialization, mass production and availability of one product in everywhere? Or is it the callousness of people? But last time it was checked, people try so hard to make any place their place, whatever is the context. If we as an architect design the building, the people who live in it, make the interior; when someone enters, they can feel the context of them. What about the exterior of that building? Why we think less about the context, and when we think about the context why we tend to forget the people who will live in is also a context. The People is a context, one who will be inside and another who will see the outside. Redefining context in architecture can be a radical step.

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