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Everyday Earthly Lives

“There is always a better way to die”

— Package included everything in picture in original color.

In this built speculation, an extreme case of human civilization has been imagined. The possibility is based on the scenario of total ecological collapse, climatic collapse, the rise of work-less and useless class, total automation of work industry and the alternate sustainability form. In 2019, in a Swedish food conference proposed that for sustainability, we should consider human flesh as a food source. The idea of this project start form there. In future, a total automation of remaining human civilization after climatic and ecological collapse will live in an entertainment park where they don’t have to work, they will only entertain themselves. A. I. (as in artificial intelligence) will serve them totally and extensively. And only food source will be human. As there will be need, there will be supply. In this rhetorical situation, we have to imagine that the people here don’t have any way to prove their worth, or satisfying their self-value.


So, what will happen to the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? There will be a situation where people could donate their body for eating. For that, they will be praised and they will be worshiped which will boost the thirst of proving self-worth to the others. And as there is nothing productive to do other than keep themselves busy with entertainment, eventually, the people will want to die. And self-help dying will be a common practice. The below three posters, which are the advertisement of a package you can get in this entertainment park when you want to die. But there will be one condition to get this package, you have to give the body to the humankind. In this human society, flesh and praise are the currency.

Package 1 - Maze-room

A fun loving and puzzled experience which included a definite species of plants in landscape which compliment the space within. A rare bird type creature can be seen.


Package 2 - True-green room

A personal space with true sense of privacy and a little touch of different environment. Inspired from the ancient desert earth, plants and animal, this package is visualized.


Package 3 - Tower-top

A different variety of options with different design and height. Created in a lash-greenery scenery. The top is also with different design as well as the experience of reaching towards it.

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