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Sadia Humayra Mounata

Referring to Lebbeus Woods and his radical reconstruction approach, the lasting year of Bauhaus where the question was ‘radical architecture’ and its vision of design that can make social change, and ‘how will we live together?’ the question and will be the subject of the 2020 Venice biennial – is the core of my research and design. I have imagined alternative worlds in three very different approaches in which there is a call for an adventure in every alternate that is gaining towards a new Utopian horizon that can generate innovations for global sustainability in the face of converging crisis.

I am a current Masters’ student of DIA (Dessau International Architecture) in University of Anhalt Applied Sciences, Germany. I completed my B.Arch. from Bangladesh University of Engineering and technology. After completing my Bachelor, I was involved in practice field in collaboration with native architecture consultancy firms which have focus on transforming non-place. I was also involved in academic and research field in Bangladesh

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